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From a minor leak to a completely new roof, we offer the services you need to keep your roof protected and leak-free. Compare other Houston commercial roofing contractors’ services and testimonials and it’s clear how we stand out from the rest!

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Major Projects

C.E. King Middle School

180,000 Square/ft.                  11.14% Energy Savings

Lone Star Elementary

75,000 square/ft                      11.60% energy savings

Montgomery Junior High

163,717 square/ft                        10.02% energy savings

Our Services

Commercial Roof Repair

Is your business’s roof leaking? Do something about it before a small leak becomes a larger one & damages the expensive equipment & supplies in your building.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Do you want to save money and protect your business? A commercial roof restoration can ensure that your equipment and supplies are protected…

Commercial Roof Installation

Choose the right roofing contractor for your roof installation to protect your business from leaks and other weather damage. Is it time for a new roof installation?

Why Roofs Fail

Roofing systems, by their very nature, cannot withstand the effects of severe weather, over time. As the years pass by, traditional systems become dry, brittle, shrink, deteriorate, and ultimately fail. When breaking this down, we see that this progression attacks the weakest points of all roofs. These failures are not typically found in the field, they occur at the DETAILS, in areas where an accessory or assembly was needed to create a full system. More specifically, at a drain, flashing, seam, penetration, expansion joint, internal corners and wall transition.

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